Current undergraduate courses

CI1-101 Drawing

This module aims to develop an understanding of engineering drawing conventions, particularly as practiced in the field of civil engineering. Students gain exposure to a range of drawing skills including technical drawing (drafting), freehand sketching, and AutoCAD.

CI1-182 Energy Systems

The provision of energy is fundamental to the operation of modern society and the built environment. This module introduces students to the fundamental definitions and concepts of energy systems, while emphasizing the role of civil engineering in the delivery of energy services. The module aims to provide students with an overview of the main sources of energy in an industrialized society (both conventional and alternative) and their interactions with consumer needs and the environment.

Current graduate courses

CI9-SD Sustainable Development

This module equips students with the skills to incorporate the concept of sustainable development in all the stages of an engineering project’s development. Through a series of interactive seminars and guest lecturers from leading practitioners, students learn about the history and evolution of the concept of sustainable development, gain familiarity with a range of analytical techniques, and practice applying these tools to real-world civil engineering problems.

This module is taken as an optional component of Civil Engineering MSc degrees in Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnics, and Transport. Admissions are restricted via a selection essay to ensure a small group of dedicated enthusiastic students.


I also teach a number of one-off sessions on urban energy systems, urban energy policy, optimization, and uncertainty and sensitivity techniques. These are primarily for students on the MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures, MSc in Systems Engineering and Innovation, and MSc in Environmental Technology programmes.

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